Heating as
Gentle as
Your Baby 

CozyFlow Heat Creates the
Ideal Enviroment for Toddlers

Winter, We're Ready
The Space heater

Finding the perfect heater for your baby isn't easy.
You want it to be warm enough but no too hot; safe,
visually appealing, and energy-efficient. That way
we developed Cozyflow Heat, a smart local heater 
that provides optimal conditions. Light and small,
Cozyflow Heat is easily placed anywhere in the house and creates a bubble of warmth shiedling your baby from the cold.

The Playmant

The Heated Playmant is a playmant that disperses
a gentle flux of warm air unfirmaly via its top
surface; in doing so providing toddlers and
parents a playing surface that is heated to
the desired temperature, enhancing playtime 
confort for those cold winter months.

Heater, Heater on
the Wall

And on the Floor

Whether on the floor or wall mounted,

Cozyflow delivers a smart and simple experience.
With a range of practical features including
preset temperatures, silent mode, a ventilation
without heat setting for gentle cooling, and
a night light, Cozyflow has all the bases

Designed for Safety

Cozyflow Heat was designed to privde
360 safety. We;ve kept the heating down
at 65 degrees and integrated multiplay safety
mechanisms, such as control panel lock,
no pinch design, auto shut off in case of tilting
or obstruction of airways, temperature and
proximity sensors, and internal thermostat

Our space heather automatically shuts off when:

Over heated

Tipped over

Picked up

Touched or Clogged

A Family of Products

To complement Cozyflow Heat, we designed Cozyflow
Play, a gently heated playmant, When attached to
Cozyflow Heat, Cozyflow Play becomes a temperature
controlled area where you and your baby can play
comfortably during the colder months.

What Experts Say

Babies can lose heat rapidly, as much
as four times more quickly than adults.

Babies are not as adaptable as adults to temperature change. A baby's baby surface

is about three images greater than an adult's, compared to the weight of his/her body.

Premature and low-birthweight babies usually have

little body ast and may be too immature to regulate

their own temperature, even in a warm environment.

Even full-tem and healithy newborns may not be able

to maintain their body temperature if the environment

is too cold.

A Company
of Parents

As parents ourselves, we seek to tackle the
challenges we face every day. We create
products that aim to improve the wellbeing

of both you and your baby, by offering new,
affordable and practical solutions to meet
these challenges.

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