Heating as
Gentle as
Your Baby 

CozyFlow is an innovative

baby-safe heater that creates an

ideal environment for your child

Time to Get Cozy

Make every room perfectly cozy for your baby: 

warm enough but not too hot, extra safe, and with a sleek design. CozyFlow is a smart local heater that provides optimal temperatures for your little ones at home. Developed with a wide range of unique features including 4 gentle heat modes, tranquil mode, and night light; CozyFlow has all your bases covered.

Designed for Safety

CozyFlow was carefully created for your
children with the highest level of safety in
mind. It includes the latest patent-pending,
technological safety features, such as gentle heating, touch screen panel child-lock, cool touch, no-pinch design, proximity sensor, and internal thermostat protection.
360 degrees of protection, 365 days a year.

CozyFlow automatically shuts off when:

Over heated

Tipped over

Picked up

Touched or tilted

Keeping Warm,

Anywhere at Home

Whether on the floor or mounted on the wall,
in the nursery or in the living room, CozyFlow delivers a smart and simple experience.
CozyFlow is easily placed in any room to
create a bubble of warmth that shields

your baby from the cold.

A Family of Products

To complement CozyFlow,we have designed CozyPlay
a gently heated play mat. When attached to CozyFlow,
CozyPlay becomes a temperature-controlled area where
you and your baby can play comfortably all year long.
Soon, our family will grow even bigger, let’s just say

we have a few more buns in the oven…

What Experts Say

Babies can lose heat rapidly, as much as four

times more quickly than adults.

“Local heating tailors room temperature for your
baby, irrespective of where they are in the home.
It also enables other family members to live in a
temperature controlled home environment amenable
to their comfort levels.”

“Excess layers, such as clothes, blankets and socks
limit the baby’s movement and make it harder for
them to move their limbs.”

"A space heater can help keep you from having
to crank the house heater up to high. And it can
make sure the temperature in the room stays in
the right zone.”

Innovative Parenting

Our babies and kids are the inspiration
for the invention of CozyFlow. We wanted
to develop a product to help parents be
attuned with their children’s body heat, and
provide them with an easy and safe way to
accommodate this important need.

A Next-Gen Heater for the Next Generation

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